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Workshop material for your use

Detecting Deception

with Trevor Slater

Telling It like it Isn't

with Donny Riki

A whakapapa of Violence and Healing

with Donny Riki

The Dynamics of Shame

with Colin Elliott

Taking a Fresh look at Violence

with Dony Riki

The Problem with Psychology is Psychology

with Dony Riki

What do participants in RJ say about it?

  • "The experience was very helpful "

  • "Thank you for giving me the courage to speak my mind"

  • "The conference has helped me with the guilt I felt from my offending"

  • "I was very surprised at what a difference it made getting things off my chest"

  • "Thank you for making this happen"

  • "The meeting made me have a good look at myself to see what I had done wrong"

  • "I was sceptical at first but found the process to be very positive"