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What We Do

Before the process begins, our staff will contact the victim and explain restorative justice. If the victim wants to participate, two of our Facilitators will be assigned the case.

Who attends a Restorative
Justice Conference?

The victim or victim’s representative.
The offender.
Two trained Facilitators who manage the Conference
Both the victim and the offender may have support people, who could be friends, family or professionals

Restorative Justice is a
voluntary process

You choose to participate or not.
You may opt out at any time.
Tell a Facilitator when you want to stop or take time out.
If you have any complaints or concerns you should contact the Manager of the Manawatū Restorative Justice Trust

How is a Restorative Justice conference organised?

Before any conference the Facilitators will first meet with the victims and their support people to gather information and assess whether a conference is appropriate.

They will then meet with the offenders and their support people to ensure the offenders accept responsibility for their actions, and want to try and repair the damage that has been caused.

How does it happen?

Offender pleads Guilty in Court
Restorative Justice may be ordered by the Judge or requested by the offender’s lawyer.
MRJT staff contact victims and explain the process.
If they agree to restorative justice, two Facilitators are assigned the case.
They meet both victim and offender for preconference
If they decide RJ is appropriate, they conduct a conference which all parties attend.
A report is prepared on the conference and sent to Court, the victims, the offender, the offender’s lawyer, the Police and the Victim Advisors

What do participants in RJ say about it?

  • "The experience was very helpful "

  • "Thank you for giving me the courage to speak my mind"

  • "The conference has helped me with the guilt I felt from my offending"

  • "I was very surprised at what a difference it made getting things off my chest"

  • "Thank you for making this happen"

  • "The meeting made me have a good look at myself to see what I had done wrong"

  • "I was sceptical at first but found the process to be very positive"