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Restorative Justice is an integral part of New Zealand’s criminal justice system, funded by the Ministry of Justice.

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Young Driver from Shannon Kills Cousin

Feb 2 2021

Facilitators from Manawatu Restorative Justice Trust held conference with driver and her whanau.

Woman Helped by Restorative Hui

Nov 11 2020

Mother-of-four Kaye Tai became a paraplegic after a terrifying motor accident. Her bitterness and anger evaporated after meeting the young driver who was at fault.

Judge 'irritated' offender's conference with police didn't go ahead

Jun 30 2020
The canning of a restorative justice conference between police and a young offender who viewed them as an enemy and threatened to shoot them has "irritated" a sentencing judge.

Restorative Justice stalls cases in the Gore District Court

Apr 14 2019
Cases are taking longer to be dealt with in the Gore District Court due to a lack of facilitators to carry out restorative justice meetings, and in some cases the service has not been available at all.

Man Avoids Jail

March 31 2021

A successful restorative justice  meeting helped a man avoid going to jail.

Drink-driver Seriously Injures his Good Friend

Nov 20 2020

His friend required four operations because of his horrific injuries. They met again during restorative justice and the Judge was pleased the face-to-face meeting took place.

Teen driver gets home detention for 'horror' crash that killed mates

30 Jul, 2020
A "horror" crash in which two Oamaru teenagers were killed last year left two families devastated, a packed Oamaru District Court heard yesterday.

Shearer blacklisted after defrauding Facebook buyer

Jul 27 2020
A shearer who sold gear on Facebook but never sent the goods has been unable to get work since word got out about his deception.

Peace above punishment: How restorative justice works for offenders and victims

Jan 05 2019
Punishment has long been integral to Kiwis' sense of justice. But those pursuing restorative remedies are finding more empowerment in healing than punitive action, writes Alex Loo.

Time for Change?

March 17 2020

If restorative justice was taken seriously by the criminal justice system and applied more broadly, it could potentially reduce NZ's reliance on incarceration, writes Sarah Roth Shank.


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