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Restorative Justice is an integral part of New Zealand’s criminal justice system, funded by the Ministry of Justice.

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Call for More Restorative Justice

December 16 2022

After Olive Gully's husband was killed in a robbery gone wrong, she spent more than a decade being angry.

She wanted answers, and she wanted them from the man who did it.

Father forgives Driver at Restorative Justice Conference

August 4 2022

Father Glen Vivian​ said he met with de la Harpe at a restorative justice meeting, which was “emotionally charged” and showed de la Harpe was also suffering.

“He has lost his livelihood and will to live.

Restorative Justice for man who Filmed his ex in Bed

March 28 2022

Defence lawter Mark Dollimore told the court that the Restorative Justice process had "real potential", and that Winstanley had "quite maturely" engaged in counselling.

Teen Driver Kills his Best Friend

March 17 2022

His lawyer acknowledged he was “not truthful” originally. But said he expressed remorse in the two restorative justice meetings, which were “very stressful and highly emotional”.

Gang Member attends Restorative Justice

17 May 2021

A gang member received a discounted sentence, partly because he attended a restorative justice meeting with the victim he had viciously assualted.

Meatworks Seeks Restorative Justice

April 12 2022

Judge Walsh remanded the company to June 20 for restorative justice to take place with the case now headed back to the Environment Court for sentencing.

Black Power Member Forgiven by Victim

April 6 2022

Black Power member Christopher Rata kicked the backdoor of his victim's home open before viciously assaulting the man and stealing his cellphone but he has been forgiven for his trespass.Rata engaged with his victim in a Restorative Justice conference, which was positive, and had written an apology letter to him.

Drink-driver Seriously Injures his Good Friend

Nov 20 2020

His friend required four operations because of his horrific injuries. They met again during restorative justice and the Judge was pleased the face-to-face meeting took place.

Dannevirke Driver Attends Restorative Justice Meeting

October 20 2021

The Judge commented that the report from restorative justice was good, showing the value of the process  for both the driver and the victim.

Man Steals Monkey from Wellington Zoo

5 May 2021

John Casford attended a restorative justice  meeting with zookeepers to explain why he broke in and tried to steal a monkey.

Demonstrators Referred to Restorative Justice

October 27, 2021

Three activists who glued themselves to the steps of parliament  have been referred for restorative justice with Te Pae Oranga.

Tomahawk Wielding Robber has Heartfelt Restorative Justice Meeting

February 17 2023

An Invercargill shop assistant faced up to the man who had menaced her with a tomahawk during a meth-infused crime spree, when he appeared in the Invercargill District Court today.

Ashley Judd Meets Man who Raped Her

July 28 2022

Ashley Judd says she met the man who raped her in 1999 and sat down for a "restorative justice" conversation with him.

Online Bully invited to Restorative Justice

April 6 2022

Christchurch City Councillor Sara Templeton wants to meet the troll who harassed her online.

Driver Ignored Screams to Stop

April 11 2022

David Josiah William Brown refused to stop before he lost control of the car at Ruawai, killing a teenager in the boot and breaking the backs of three other passengers. But Judge Tomlinson commended Deziah’s mother for taking part in a restorative justice process with Brown.

Young Driver from Shannon Kills Cousin

Feb 2 2021

Facilitators from Manawatu Restorative Justice Trust held a conference with driver and her whanau.

Former Prison Officer attends Restorative Justice meeting with his wife

6 April 2022

The judge included attending restorative justice as a mitigating factor when passing sentence.

Man Avoids Massive Reparation Bill

March 31 2021

A successful restorative justice  meeting helped a man avoid a $40,000 reparation claim.

Teen driver gets home detention for 'horror' crash that killed mates

30 Jul, 2020
A "horror" crash in which two Oamaru teenagers were killed last year left two families devastated, a packed Oamaru District Court heard yesterday.

Restorative Justice More Effective than Prison for Hate Crimes

21 June 2021

Studies in the USA suggest restorative justice might offer a way to identify and mend the harm caused by hate crimes.

Man Who Stomped on Pregnant Partner Sentenced

30 Jul, 2020

The judge was pleased the man attended a restorative justice meeting with his partner.

Woman Helped by Restorative Hui

Nov 11 2020

Mother-of-four Kaye Tai became a paraplegic after a terrifying motor accident. Her bitterness and anger evaporated after meeting the young driver who was at fault.


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