I did not know there was such a thing as a restorative justice conference. I am pleased we went through the process and have recommended it to other people or at least told our friends about it.

The best thing was meeting the people being charged and hearing them speak. Having the opportunity to explain the effects on us as victim, family and friends.

I feel that we both got closure and I got to completely make amends with my victim.

Just keep going with restorative justice. I feel it is really great. The facilitators did a great job.

The best thing for me that came out of the conference is that I was able to talk with the victim, make peace and learnt so much. It was also a wake up call for me on the standards that I have to live by.

To have a channel such as restorative justice conference is to have a voice in a controlled and safe environment.

I have had two bad experiences previously, so didn't view this one with much optimism - and was proven completely wrong.

I didn't have many expectations, and felt the offender would get more value from it, but I found that it was very beneficial for me to see his remorse was genuine.

I was able to realize that the justice system in our community is approachable and helpful when a citizen has become a victim of a crime.